• Livia Lukacs Dec 28, 2018

    Essential dog care from LILA LOVES IT

    Did you know that by providing some essential dog care to your pets, you can promote a longer and better life for them?

    Things have changed a lot about how we can look after our pets. We have more information, better products, better food to give and it all promotes a healthier life for our pets. 

    As dog owners ourselves at NEW PETS ON THE BLOCK we dedicate time to give some essential dog care to our pets. Finding out about these amazing products that we tested before putting them on the website, we are happy to share our experiences with you! Here is a short list what we do, how to protect their health and well-being.


  • Livia Lukacs Dec 28, 2018

    Introducing our new dog care range from Bondi Wash

    Our mission at NEW PETS ON THE BLOCK is always to find the products that match your pooch’s and your needs the best.

    We are so excited to announce that...

    After months of research, we have found Bondi Wash Care range that is packed with natural ingredients, created with love and highest care to give you and your pooch the best treatment possible!


  • Livia Lukacs Nov 30, 2018

    Adoption or buying?

    Hello, an almost-puppy-owner! Now that you have made your mind up about having a cute, adorable puppy, and of course you considered all the other aspects of it, which we summed up in our previous blog article, there is another big decision to make: adoption or buying!

    This is a debate that has been long discussed and we are not here to tell you which one is better. Our aim is to help you see some rather important factors when it comes to either adoption or buying a pup.  In our opinion as long as you have come to a well-thought conclusion, it’s the best you can do.


  • Livia Lukacs Sep 22, 2018

    All you need to know if you think getting a puppy!

    Have you been thinking about getting a puppy and you have never had a dog before?

    We know the amount of information can be overwhelming and with time you realize raising a puppy is not as complicated as it sounds.

    Of course, it is better to be prepared, so we thought to help you with our easy to follow guidelines when it comes to getting a new pup!